As a retired world-class acrobat, I quickly became interested in the Sports Marketing world. During competitive seasons, I was interviewed multiple times on channels like WBAL-TV, ABC 7 News, NBC Sports, etc. Although being in front of the camera was exciting, I always saw myself working behind the scenes.

When I discovered Electronic Media and Film was a college major, I became infatuated with post-production editing. I began to branch off from strictly narrative film editing and discovered a passion for creating TikTok and Instagram videos.


Social media has become a crucial channel of communication from businesses to consumers. This is why I become a social media manager. As I developed a marketing career, I fell in love with producing interactive videos for a wide range of audiences.

I’m always looking for opportunities that force me to think outside the box. If growing your business's online media presence is something you're interested in, let's work together!

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