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Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation

Video Editor

Collaborated with the director to produce an entertaining awards show highlighting all nominees and award winners. Created lower thirds, animated title cards, and incorporated several video montages. Worked with laggy Zoom footage to create a seamless edit within 72-hour turnaround. The event was successfully live-streamed on Vimeo. 


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Digital Marketing Intern

Assisted in the development and creation of content to build the business brand. Helped with location scouting, shooting, and editing, to create promotional videos.

Embrace the Angel

Youtube Content Creator

I currently work alongside Patti Dimiceli, who has channeled her desire to help others live their best, most powerful life through her company, Tobias & Co. LLC. Together, we have created an intro video titled "Embrace The Angel... Embrace Life!" as well as "Welcome to My World of Angels!" My responsibilities included filming, editing, and sound mixing for each video.

The Aviatrix: A New Musical

Co - Editor
the trix.png

Originally as the Assistant Editor I oversaw the Excel spreadsheet, downloading, organizing, and importing all footage into the Premiere Pro project file. Cut specified time-codes and keyed out all green screen footage for both Act 1 and Act 2. When promoted to Co-editor, I was assigned Act 2 with a 48 turn around time. The Aviatrix was recognized by Broadway World, Today Tix, and the Tone Deaf Podcast.

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Adulting with Jane

TikTok Manager

As AWJ's TikTok Manager, I film, edit, and post all videos to our social accounts. The first viral video we created received 5.9 million views and since starting with the AWJ team, I have grown our following from 300 followers to 62k followers


TASTE Documentary Series

Assistant Editor & Postproduction Intern

Directed, produced, and edited dozens of unique teasers and videos that were posted to TASTE's TikTok and IG Reels channels. Created media that collected over 1.5 million views. Increased following by 2,000 users. Reviewed footage, pulled selects, built radio edits, created rough and final videos. Provided story and editorial feedback on rough draft narration voiceover scripts.

New York Pacemakers

Screen Shot 2020-11-07 at 12.28.05
TikTok Manager

The Pacemakers are a senior dance team ranging in age from 50's to 80's. I collaborated with Susan Avery, the founder of the P.M team, to brainstorm marketing goals and content ideas. Over a Zoom call, I broke down all aspects and functions of Tiktok as well as demonstrating various techniques for filming and editing.

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